Stress Awareness Month: How to Combat Stress

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Stress Awareness Month: How to Combat Stress

Combating Stress

Stress awareness month magnifies the strong individuals who deal with the physical, mental, and emotional tolls of life’s trials. The strength of mankind has shimmered as an encouraging light throughout a world that has struggled to be unified in understanding. The strength of you and others who have endured life’s hardships deserves recognition. Stress awareness month is intended to hone in on the causes and potential minimization of anxiety and stress. 

From the very beginning to the very end, there’s no time too late to zero in on stress awareness. Regardless of whether it is the beginning, end, or even beyond April, the therapeutic mentality of stress awareness month can continually impact your life. If you allow it, such stress relief focus techniques and meditations can continually minimize your emotional and mental reflexes. Here’s an in-depth look at Stress Awareness Month, what it means, and what it can mean for you.

What is Stress Awareness Month?

Since 1992, Stress Awareness Month has been honored in April as a monument of public recognition of an ever-increasing epidemic. Stress Awareness Month isn’t about magnifying your stress. It’s about managing your stress levels. The spirit of the month is meant to relieve stress in the spirit of an encouraging community atmosphere. 

While some hide their emotional and physical distresses behind a bottle, others hide it behind a stone facade. Regardless of the unhealthy coping mechanism, stress does not disappear on its own. This is where Stress Awareness Month can thrive as a beacon of hope.

Why is Stress Management and Stress Awareness Month Important?

Stress in some form is among the primary causes of depression. With depression comes the increased likelihood of suicidal tendencies and attempts. Thus, stress awareness month is a month passionately dedicated to learning and utilizing stress management methods to prevent the development of mental illness. 

Such a month provides the opportunity to relieve the burden that often weighs people down. 

Stress Awareness Month has been known to connect individuals throughout the community who can relate to one another. In sharing thoughts with like-minded individuals, individuals can finally alleviate the mental and physical tolls on themselves that are caused by stress. 

stress awareness: What Causes Stress?

There are a number of factors that contribute to mental and physical strain. Identifying the root causes can help you pave the way to uproot those underlying causes of stress. That way, you can overcome your anxiety and combat stress. Here are a few of the many root causes of stress.

Financial Difficulties

Financial struggles are among the primary causes of stress, anxiety, and depression. Going through financial difficulties can seem overwhelming, but individual training from a therapy expert can help you cope with your stressful circumstance. Better yet, there are medical grants and payment options to put your mind at ease so you don’t have to worry about the financials. 

Learning how to combat stress brought on by financial hardships can do more than just help people handle their anxiety about money. It can also give people the clarity of thought that they need to find new ways to stabilize their financial situation.

Traumatic Events

Sometimes life brings about unexpected, traumatizing experiences beyond our control. These events can trigger a natural physiological response of anxiety that can ripple into further unhealthy physical or mental effects. 

The important thing to understand when dealing with traumatizing life experiences is to acknowledge them and voice your struggles. Keeping such emotion bottled up will only boil over at some point and, oftentimes, in self-hindering manners.

Mental Illness

The development of mental illnesses, such as depression, is nobody’s fault. You cannot control a lacking chemical in the brain. But being aware of your mental disorders can lead you to the correct methods and medications to stabilize your body’s chemical needs of anxiety-suppressing cells. 

Knowing that you suffer from mental illness is half the battle. The other half is taking action to manage depression and mental disorders. The main goal of stress awareness month is to help those with depression connect for encouragement.


A lesser-known fact is that inactivity can have counteractive effects on your brain’s electromagnetic frequencies. Too much time to yourself can sometimes give you too much time for your thoughts. Keeping your body and mind busy can be the most therapeutic thing that you can do for your body. In addition, inactivity can also lead to numerous physical health issues beyond mental strain. Find things to do to keep your mind and body at ease.

How to Combat Stress

Identifying the cause of your anxiety enables you to combat stress. Everybody combats stress in different ways. Heeding or observing the following ideas can open your mind to how to deal with your stress head-on. Your answer could be one or more of these medically proven stress-relieving methods.


Exercise is a natural stimulant to your body’s “pleasure center.” Beyond that, it’s also healthy in innumerable mental and physical ways. Such natural stimulation is scientifically substantiated to normalize stress and anxiety levels. 

Whether it’s walking, jogging, or strength training, you can feel better from one of life’s natural rewards in exercising. Most people don’t realize how fun exercising is until they feel the “high” and bodily benefits of it after a moderate exercise session.


Another way stress awareness month magnifies a resolve for anxiety is by helping people find activities that they enjoy. That’s because finding a hobby can be the greatest method of stress relief. 

While taking up new hobbies creates less dead space to consume your thoughts in your trials and tribulations, you don’t give yourself time to worry. Therefore, occupying your time with enjoyable activities allows you to free your mind from the mental and physical strains of daily life.

Open up to Family and Friends

It is important to not keep your worries and anxieties all bottled up. Having a family member or friend you can confide in is an imminently effective way of sharing your burdens. We all need a friend or family member to be there to listen and provide comfort amidst a difficult time. In fact, you may find that the greatest therapy you have is opening up to the people closest to you.

Get Professional Counseling

A compassionate therapist with an understanding of the human psyche and how to combat stress could be your solution. Stress therapy is the open door that people need to escape circumstances that make them feel as if life is caving in around them. A trained professional at Renewed Light can help you reignite the flame of confidence, positivity, and peace in your life.

Breathing Exercises

According to recent medical studies, breathing techniques have a reversal effect on the mental strain that stress puts on the body. With the correct breathing treatment exercises, you can naturally minimize the toll that anxiety has on your health. There are numerous other anxiety therapy programs that can train you to minimize your stress levels.

stress awareness: How Does Stress Affect Your Body?

The mental and physical strains of anxiety and stress may not be perceivable to the human eye. However, stress can affect one’s mental and physical health in drastic ways.

High Blood Pressure

The way you think determines the way you feel. What that means is that if you’re worrying and allowing anxiety to dictate your life, your body will enter a “fight or flight” mode. Even if there’s nothing imminently wrong with you, the mental strain of stress will have a domino effect on your blood pressure. Minimizing stress levels can help you minimize or eliminate further heart and/or blood pressure problems down the road.

Heart Problems

With high blood pressure comes a faster heart rate. When anxiety levels are high, even if blood pressure isn’t affected, it can cause heart palpitations and an accelerated heart rate. With the added strain on your heart, comes a greater likelihood of developing heart problems.


If you started having headaches after added stresses in your life, it may be the mental strain itself causing the headaches. The more you worry, the more intense your headaches can be. Prolonged anxiety in correlation with headaches can have even more detrimental health defects down the road. Seek help now to learn how to manage stress levels and prevent further headaches or stress-induced aneurysms from occurring.

Liberate Your Mind Today

Stress awareness month can be the month that you combat stress and gain freedom from your anxiety. Renewed Light can free you from the darkness of anxiety and stress. The ball is in your court in how much work you’ll put in to manage your negative thoughts and combat stress. Reach out to a caring professional ready to hear about your struggles and how to rectify them. Your path to mental and physical liberation begins with Renewed Light.

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