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Outpatient Mental Health Treatment New Jersey

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Renewed Light provides advanced, high-quality mental health services to help individuals live a more balanced, rewarding life. A comprehensive mental health plan can help anyone achieve greater happiness and prosperity.

Regardless of what type of mental health disorders you are struggling with currently, our experienced team can develop a plan that targets your symptoms specifically.

We offer treatment services for anyone that may be struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other mental health condition. We also offer integrated treatment plans for individuals that may be suffering from co-occurring mental health disorders.

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By contacting our admissions department, you will be taking the first step in getting free from the bonds of mental illness. Our team is ready to help you find a customized treatment program to address your concerns. And don’t worry, a call to us is always confidential and free of charge. Our team is available 24/7.

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We Can Help You Understand Your
Insurance Policy

Are you having difficulty deciphering a confusing insurance policy? Our team is educated and experienced in all insurance lingo and we can help you make sense of even the most confusing policy.

Before you receive any treatment, our staff will go through all your treatment and payment options and let you know what you can expect in the way of copays and other costs that may be associated. In many cases, treatment is completed covered by insurance providers.

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Renewed Light is an Accredited Facility

Renewed Light is accredited by the Joint Commission. We strive to offer the latest in advanced mental health treatment.

At Renewed Light our vision is to break the bondage that mental illness has caused the mind so that light and truth can enter, setting one free.

Contact Renewed Light today to begin your custom treatment regimen!