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About Us

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About mental illness

Learn About mental illness treatment by Renewed Light, founded to help others relight their path and experience a new freedom on their journey to recovery. Regarding mental wellness, Renewed Light offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists, therapists, and counselors. Access support groups, counseling services, and practical tips to improve mental well-being. Through effective treatment at our facility in South Jersey we aim to help break the bondage that mental health have caused the mind so that light and truth can enter, setting one free.

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Danelle Williams
I have a diverse professional background with seven years of experience in the financial sector where I honed my strategic skills. In addition, I bring over two decades of expertise in customer service, demonstrating my commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to my clients. My unique blend of expertise allows me to excel in understanding and addressing the needs of clients. I take personal pride in meeting the needs of the clients. I’m dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver solutions with outstanding support with a desire to exceed expectations.
Karen Caston
Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Greetings, my name is Karen Caston I am a graduate from Rutgers University where I earned my Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialty in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. During my career I have been fortunate enough to provide counseling to a variety of cultural groups, ethnicities, and lifestyles. This includes but is not limited to persons that are part of the LGBTQIA2S community. Currently, I work as a LAC (Licensed Associate Counselor) where I am counseling clients that come from all walks of life providing, individual, group, and marriage and family therapy. My personal story and background allows me to meet a person where they are at. I strive to build a strong, trusting and comfortable rapport with my clients by being genuine, supportive, empathetic and expressing unconditional positive regard. My primary goal for every client is to improve their self-esteem and coping skills. In my practice, I incorporate different skills, techniques, activities and treatment styles necessary to fit my clients’ needs. My theoretical approaches are Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral, Existentialism and others. My personal philosophy is to ‘treat people the way I want to be treated,’ and I live by that daily.
Adebola Popoola
Licensed Social Worker
My name is Adebola(Tomi) and I am a Licensed Social Worker with over 12 years of experience providing Counseling and case management services to adults, children, elderly, families in hospital settings, and agency settings. I also work with the State of NJ(Department of Human services) as a Quality Assurance Specialist, where I provide services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University. I have experience in a variety of settings with a wide range of medical and mental health issues. I enjoy helping people by using strength-based approaches and integrating various treatment therapies to meet the needs and goals of my clients. I provide emotional support and guidance to adults, young adults and families specifically focusing on adjustment issues, adversity and significant life changes to address mental health needs due to trauma, illnesses or grief. I aim to empower my clients to create space, balance, time, and strength to process and embrace their mental health needs in an effort to foster hope, healing and resilience.
Jasmine Ingram
Utilization Review Supervisor
Hi, my name is Jasmine Ingram and I’m the utilization review supervisor at Renewed Light. I’ve been working in behavioral health for 7 years. I started off as direct support for clients struggling with Mental health/Substance Use Disorder. I transitioned to VOB’s and worked my way up to doing Utilization Reviews. I love helping people and it’s gratifying to get coverage for clients who need treatment.
Marlene Barbato
Utilization Review Specialist
As a Utilization Review Specialist, I am part of a team responsible for managing an active caseload of clients for Substance Abuse Disorder and Mental Health. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years and enjoy applying my skills to helping clients receive the best possible and appropriate methods of care.

Our Facility

Renewed Light Program Vision

Breaking the bondage that mental illness has caused the mind so that light and truth can enter, setting one free.

Everyone deserves access to quality mental health programs with experienced professionals. Only recently has the stigma of mental health disorders started to diminish. However, mental health is equally as important as physical health. Mental health disorders can equally cause distress and hinder an individual’s growth if it is not diagnosed and treated correctly.

At Renewed Light, our programs are tailored to fit one mission:

To Provide access to advanced treatment in mental health.

By providing advanced mental health treatment we aim to improve a person’s overall quality of life. Our plans are customized to fit each individual’s specific needs. We recognize that mental illness can affect each person differently and therefore their plan must match their symptoms and causes. Our caring staff is experienced and understands all of the struggles that come with suffering from a mental health disorder.

Our custom treatment plans may include: