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Renewed Light is EXTRA Awesome

By Ryan Brodo | June 18th, 2024

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Depression Treatment in Lafayette Mills, NJ

By Tarun Sharma | April 10th, 2024

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The Benefits of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

By Nicholas DeSimone | August 25th, 2022

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Benefits

Outpatient mental health treatment allows you t...

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5 Signs of an Issue with Mental Health

By Renewed Light | July 22nd, 2022

See Our Video about Signs of Mental Health You Should Be Aware Of

Renewed Light offers comprehensive mental health treatment for various issue in an outpatient care setting in D...

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Stress Awareness Month: How to Combat Stress

By Renewed Light | April 29th, 2022

Combating Stress

Stress awareness month magnifies the strong individuals who deal with the physical, mental, and emotional tolls of life’s trials...

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Family Trauma: Learning to Cope and Overcome Trauma Together

By Renewed Light | April 18th, 2022

Trauma-Focused Family Therapy

After years of struggling to find peace, you’ve recognized that your family Pain is deeper than you realized. For many families, the experience of ...

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