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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar I disorder

Experts define bipolar I disorder, the most severe form, based on its manic episode. To qualify as bipolar I disorder, the manic episode must last seven or more days or put the person into a hospital. Regarding the depressive episode, it typically qualifies as a major depressive episode, lasting as long as two weeks. Mixed symptoms may also appear.

Bipolar II disorder

Bipolar II disorder manifests in one depressive episode and one hypomanic, rather than a manic, episode. Hypomanic episodes refer to less severe manic episodes that do not impair daily functioning. So, while the high moods may not reach so high, the low moods typically go very low in this type of bipolar disorder.

Cyclothymic disorder

This type shows itself in brief, mild, but still frequent cycles of manic and depressive episodes. The episodes must reveal themselves to be so mild as not to qualify as full-blown depressive episodes or hypomanic episodes. The duration of the cycle must also exceed two years in order for professionals to diagnose the condition as a cyclothymic disorder.

Individual therapy

This involves regular one-on-one conversations between you and a licensed therapist. You have the opportunity to open up about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and the therapist helps you develop ways to cope with problems that interfere with daily living.

Group therapy

Through group therapy, you’ll be with other patients who live with bipolar disorder in a safe, trusted space in which conversation is facilitated by a skilled therapist or multiple therapists. By engaging with others who have similar struggles, you will learn and grow together. Group therapy helps you feel less isolated and allows you to build skills and adopt tools for mentally healthier living.

We also offer family therapy and couples therapy for bipolar disorder, led by a single therapist. These sessions help you learn how resolve communication problems that threaten your close relationships.

Holistic therapy

At Renewed Light we treat the whole person—not just the condition—introducing you to guided meditation and other types of exercises as well as certain supplements, like fish oil capsules to support brain health.