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We offer outpatient treatment for mental health disorders by licensed, experienced therapists and psychologists who care about you.

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Pioneers in Intensive Outpatient Program
for Mental Health in NJ

Outpatient mental health treatment allows you to maintain your daily routine while still getting the level of care you need. It also:

Allows patients to maintain a connection to their support network outside of the treatment facility

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Enables patients to go to work, school, or otherwise manage their daily responsibilities

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Provides patients with opportunities to learn new coping skills that they can practice in the future

Outpatient mental health treatment requires less of a time commitment than inpatient treatment, freeing you up to focus on your recovery. Although less time-consuming, outpatient programs are highly effective. Generally, you will have three visits per week, for three hours a day. We can also be flexible on time, depending on what works best for you.

Leading Gambling Therapy and Support in Millhurst, NJ

A Beacon of Hope with Renewed Light Gambling Therapy Services

Are you or a loved one struggling with a gambling problem in Millhurst, NJ? Help is here with Renewed Light, your trusted partner for professional gambling therapy services in the Monmouth County area. Our experienced team offers compassionate, effective support designed to help you regain control and find the path to recovery.

With a deep commitment to providing top-notch gambling therapy in Millhurst, NJ, Renewed Light understands the complexities involved in gambling addiction. Our unique approach addresses the root causes, offering you or your loved one a safe and supportive environment to heal and grow.

In Monmouth County, we have witnessed first-hand the pain that gambling addiction can inflict on individuals and their families. Renewed Light stands as a pillar of support, providing essential gambling therapy services to the community. Reach out today at 866-485-0905 for immediate assistance. 


Tailored Gambling Therapy Plans in Monmouth County

Every individual’s journey is unique, and at Renewed Light, we acknowledge this by offering personalized gambling therapy plans in Millhurst, NJ. Our dedicated therapists are here to understand your specific needs and challenges, crafting a therapy regimen that best suits your recovery journey in Monmouth County.

In our endeavor to provide precise and effective treatment, we continuously refine our therapy strategies to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Engaging with us means receiving a tailored experience, encapsulating various therapeutic approaches that address your unique addiction patterns and triggers.

The path to healing from gambling addiction requires professional support and a committed team. With Renewed Light, you receive unparalleled care through our innovative gambling therapy services, with each plan meticulously developed to foster a supportive recovery environment in Millhurst, NJ.

Understanding that addiction affects each person differently, our services are designed to provide you with personal, attentive care, ensuring that your road to recovery is as smooth and sustainable as possible. We are not just therapists; we are your steadfast partners in reclaiming your life from addiction’s grasp.

Call 866-485-0905 now to explore the various therapy plans available to residents in Monmouth County, aimed at promoting healing and preventing relapse. With our expert team at your side, regain confidence and take bold steps towards a life free from gambling addiction.


Start Your Recovery Journey Today with Renewed Light

Commencing your recovery journey may seem daunting, but with the right support, you can overcome gambling addiction and lead a fulfilling life. Renewed Light is here to guide you through every step of the process in Millhurst, NJ, providing essential tools and resources to navigate through these challenging times.

As a leading provider of gambling therapy in Monmouth County, we are dedicated to supporting our clients with the utmost care and respect. At Renewed Light, we not only offer therapy services but also equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy, balanced life post-recovery.

Deciding to seek help is the first crucial step towards healing. In Millhurst, NJ, Renewed Light is your reliable partner for comprehensive gambling therapy services. Together, we can work towards a future where you reclaim control, rebuild relationships, and enjoy life to the fullest. Contact us today and take the first step on the road to recovery.

Millhurst is an unincorporated community located within Manalapan Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. Route 33 and County Route 527 pass through the center of Millhurst. Much of the area consists of businesses along the aforementioned arterial roads with the Millhurst Mill at the CR 527 crossing of Manalapan Brook. The mill is a former grist mill built in the 1700s, rebuilt in the 1800s as a more efficient mill, and turned into a family business by Bernard Hochberg in 1925.