Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Bloomingdale, NJ

At Renewed Light, we adopt a customized approach to mental health, enabling us to address the distinctive needs of each patient as an individual.

Karla Nuciforo
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Renewed Light saved my mental health. The day I called I was a distraught mess, I spoke with Rilwane and he got me in about the next day. Group therapy is amazing and has psycho-education. There is pet therapy and art therapy. If you can't do days, night group is available too. I don't know what I would have done without all the wonderful people there. I'm currently still in the program and it has helped so much. Thank you Renewed Light.
Beth Coleman
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There was a turnover of employees during my time with Renewed Light, but I did make huge steps in my recovery here. I am forever grateful for the experience, the employees and friends I made along the way. Truly life changing , I highly recommend Renewed Light.
Jordan Donovan
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All of the staff deserve special recognition because they go above and beyond for the happiness of the clients. I am very grateful to this place for not judging anyone and helping each individual for their specific needs.

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Discover Comprehensive Bipolar Disorder Treatment Options in Bloomingdale, NJ

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: A Comprehensive Approach

At Renewed Light, located in the welcoming area of Passaic County, we are here to help people who are dealing with bipolar disorder. We know that everyone’s experience is different, and that’s why we make sure each person gets care that is just for them. Our team in Bloomingdale, NJ is here to offer a place where people can feel safe and supported as they work towards feeling better.

Our team is made up of kind and knowledgeable people who really listen and want to understand what each person is going through. We want everyone to feel like they are part of a community that cares about them and their well-being. In our space in Bloomingdale, NJ, people can find the hope and strength they need to move forward.

We use different types of treatments that are meant to really make a difference in how people feel and live their lives. At Renewed Light, we are dedicated to making sure that everyone has the tools and support to manage the ups and downs of bipolar disorder better.

Make Great Connections

Patients Keep There Same Lifestyles

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Our Customized Treatment Services

At Renewed Light, we want to offer care that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Our office in Passaic County, Bloomingdale, NJ, is a place where people can find warmth and understanding. We make sure each person gets a treatment plan that matches their needs, helping them feel better step by step.

We combine tested treatments with new approaches that give more ways to manage bipolar disorder effectively. By reaching out to us at 866-485-0905, you’re taking a step towards getting quality care that’s focused on your well-being. We are here to provide continuous support and guidance in Bloomingdale, NJ.

We believe in creating a space where everyone feels supported. We are proud to have helped many people in Passaic County, giving them the help and strategies they need to handle the challenges of bipolar disorder with more confidence.

Why Choose Us for Support?

Choosing Renewed Light means choosing a team that truly cares about your well-being. We are located in Bloomingdale, NJ, and we have helped many people in Passaic County find hope and improvement in managing bipolar disorder. Our team is dedicated to providing services that make a positive difference in your life.

When you contact us at 866-485-0905, you will find a team ready to listen and help guide you through the process. We make sure everyone feels valued and understood. We are here to stand by your side, offering the assistance and kindness that can help make your journey smoother in Bloomingdale, NJ.

We are committed to offering the best care possible, ensuring that each person’s treatment plan is effective and supportive. With Renewed Light, you will find a trustworthy partner that is focused on helping you or your loved one navigate through the challenges of bipolar disorder, offering a source of strength and understanding in Passaic County.

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Bloomingdale’s Federal Hill was the site of the 1781 Pompton Mutiny, a winter revolt of Continental Army troops that was crushed by General Robert Howe on direct orders of General George Washington.

Growth in Bloomingdale was driven by the development in the late 1860s of a rubber mill and other factories in neighboring Butler. The New Jersey Midland Railroad, later known as the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway, laid tracks adjacent to the settlement, with a Bloomingdale station located in what today is Riverdale. The northern section of Riverdale and most of Butler were known as East Bloomingdale and West Bloomingdale respectively during most of the 19th century. Despite crossing a county border, they also shared a school district and residents considered the whole area as “Bloomingdale” until about 1881 when a Post Office named Butler was designated. This began a period of rivalry which caused a schism between the residents of Butler and Bloomingdale resulting in separate schools, churches and even town bands.

Bloomingdale was incorporated as an independent borough on February 23, 1918, when Pompton Township was split up into three new municipalities along with Wanaque and Ringwood. Prior to that, the area was known as Bloomingdale throughout the 19th century and was initially a farming community starting about 1712 with the “Bloomingdale Forge” built shortly thereafter to take advantage of the iron in the hills. The business district along the Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike and the Pequannock River began about the middle of the 19th century.

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